The Distressed Bride and the Drifter: Clean Historical Western Romance (Children of Laramie Book 7)

Helen escapes to Laramie hoping to find safety from her abusive father but her relief is short-lived when danger follows her.

Helen Jones is afraid for her life. Her father is unbearable to live with as his cruel insults and threats increase each day. Desperate she turns to Ms. Robson for advice and is given a safe haven in Laramie as a worker in the general goods store.

Connor Malcolm aimlessly bounces from one job to the other wherever he is needed with no care to settle down. However, when he meets Helen he senses her pain and is drawn to protect her. As their friendship grows so does Helen’s trust and they soon confess their love for each other.

But Helen is in danger once again when her father suddenly shows up in Laramie demanding to take her back home to Boston. Helen tries to convince him otherwise, but she soon discovers her father is determined to control his underage daughter. And he has the law on his side too.

Will Connor be able to protect Helen from her father?
Will Helen and Connor find their happily-ever-after?

“The Distressed Bride and the Drifter” is a standalone book. It is part of the Mail Order Brides of Laramie series.

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