Author Biography

ELIZA KING is a hopeless romantic and author of clean and wholesome western romance stories. Reading was her favorite past time as a young girl as well as writing poetry and short stories. Her father had a great influence in her choice of genre. As a child in the late 1950’s and early 60’s, she and her family enjoyed camping in Yellowstone National Park. The hidden danger of roaming bears in the forest at night and the rugged conditions of living in a tent captured her imagination of the life of the early pioneers. Eliza also fondly remembers listening to country western songs with her father and watching movies of the adventures of the Old Wild West. All of these memories provided the inspiration for her Western Frontier Mail-Order Bride stories.

Eliza’s stories are extensively researched and include historical facts of the people and events of the time, as well as the challenges and adventures of the courageous young women who were determined to find love and happiness. Eliza’s books are recommended for people of all ages who enjoy clean romance.